This blog is a personal thought of Muhammad Abduh concerning material science and engineering, corrosion, engineering integrity, reliability, application in relevant industries, contextual information and updates that should be beneficial for material engineers, mechanical engineers, process engineers, structural engineers, integrity and reliability engineers, facility engineers, corrosion engineers, HSE personnel and other relevant discipline who places  integrity and reliability issues as the means to achieve the highest level of people safety, conservation of environment and economic assurance.

This blog is open for comments, debates, and verification.

7 Responses to About

  1. abduh137 says:

    This blog is a personal thought. Any implication because of misinterperetaion of any information provided by this blog is responsibility of the reader and information collector.
    Please find balancing idea in any medium available.

  2. isadikin says:

    Great blog, mate!

  3. nugrohoice says:

    this what its all about. the integrity engineering.hey…highly appriciate man and let me know if there is something we can expand

  4. Steve Adair says:

    Nice Blog. The 50 Major Engineering Failures is a great overview, however Part 4 seems to be missing.

  5. Raja Setlur says:

    Fantastic summary. May I use it for sharing with my colleagues at Chevron?
    Raja Setlur

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