Gulf of Martaban Pipeline Leaking

Muhammad Abduh (

Figure showing one of the production Platform in Yetagun Field (Marinerthai)

Subsea pipeline transporting gas from Yetagun and Yedana Field Gulf of Martaban Myanmar to Thailand was reported to have leaking in April 2, 2008 (Irrawaddy, Reuter). The operator company reported that there were two cracks causing ruptures found in the line close to Thailand-Myanmar border. Yetugun field was started up for production in 2000, with 400-500 million cubic feet per day gas production (mmcfd), while Yedana Field with 700 mmcfd two years earlier. Gas from these fields are exported to Thailand through 700 km of pipeline system (~80% subsea pipelines).

The leaking was to said not to disrupt Thailand electricity supply as the gas from these fields account only 15 percent of total consumption. However, largely Thailand industrial gas consumer will be in excess of gas shortage of about 5,800 million cubic feet and moreover owner company to suffer about USD 60,000,000 production lost (at natural gas rate = USD 10 per mmbtu).

Field Information (PTTEP, OilOnline)

  • Yadana: Located in the Gulf of Martaban, in blocks M5 and M6, the Yadana offshore project is in the production phase, supplying Thailand with about 600mmcf/d of natural gas through a 409km pipeline, 345km of it subsea, to the Thai-Myanmar border at Ban I Thong. Partners: PTTEPI (25.5%), TotalFinaElf Myanmar (31.2), Unocal Myanmar (28.3%), Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise (15%).
  • Yetagun: This field is now in production from Myanmar blocks M12, M13 and M14 in the Gulf of Martaban. A 277km gas pipeline, 210km of it subsea, takes gas from Yetagun to the Thai-Myanmar border at Ban I Thong. In 2002, gas production reached 300mmcf/d. Phase III front-end engineering and design has been completed and construction and installation is under way. Partners: Premier, operator (26.6%), Petronas Carigali (30%), Nippon Oil (14.2%), PTTEPI (14.2%) and Moge (15%).
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