Heat Exchanger In- Service Damages

1. Excessive mineral deposits on the cooling water side of ammonia reactor effluent gas cooler.

2. Ice and fouling in a condenser tube.

3. Shell-side bacteria growth in cooling water heat exchanger

4. Fin Cooler tubes severly corroded

5. Deposits build-up on the inside of a heat exchanger tube

6. Plugged exchanger tube

7. Scaling on the inside diameter of a cooler tube

8. Deep Pitting in Exchanger Tubes

9. Cluster Pitting from Sour Glycol

10. Shell-side Pitting

11. Cooler Tube Rupture

12. Tube Failure Due to Thinning

13. Shell-side ruptured tube

14. Wall thinning led to this catastrophic failure of an exchanger tube

Image Source: Maverick Inspection

Book on Heat Exchanger Fouling: Heat Exchanger Fouling: Mitigation and Cleaning Techniques

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