Offshore, Platforms, and the Hurricanes

1. Statoil Heidrun Platform – North Sea Norway (World Largest TLP, First Application of Composite Riser, 1345m)

2. ConocoPhillips Magnolia TLP – Gulf of Mexico (World Deepest TLP, 1425m)

3. Chevron West Seno – Makassar Strait Indonesia (Asia First TLP, 1021m)

4. BP Thunderhorse – Gulf of Mexico US ( World Largest Floating Platform, 1828m)

5. StatoilHydro Troll West – North Sea Norway (Deepest Concrete Weight Platform, 345m)

Inside one of the Troll Columns

A 25-years happy birthday party in Troll

6. The Friendly Weathers

“The Little Sister” Statoil Sleipner West Field North Sea Norway

“The Three Towers” StatoilHydro Maersk Inspirer North Sea Norway

“Offshore Pirate” Shell Brutus TLP Gulf of Mexico US

” Misty” StatoilHydro The West Venture Cromarty Firth Scotland

“Swamp Clubhoppers” Amerada Hess Glomar Arctic IV Invergordon UK

“Catching the Rain” BP Magnus Platform North Sea UK

” Wake Up Call” Galaxy Jack-Up Cromarty Firth Scotland

7. Adverse Weather

Oseberg A – North Sea Norway at 95 knots

GSF Adriatic VII – Gulf of Mexico US

GSF Adriatic VII After Rita 2005

Chevron Typhon – Gulf of Mexico

Chevron Typhon After Rita 2005

Shell Mars – Gulf of Mexico

Shell Mars After Katrina 2005

BP Thunderhorse After Dennis 2005

Anadarko Rowan Houston – Gulf of Mexico

Rowan Houston After Lili 2002

All Photos from (Oil Rig Photos and Rigzone)

2 Responses to Offshore, Platforms, and the Hurricanes

  1. Usman Latif says:

    I am student of MSc Mechanical Design Engineering
    now a days i am working on my final project, which is “Structural Analysis of Offshore TLP’s Column ”
    After lot of search I am fail to find the true dimensions of the column and its inner a& outer walls thickness
    Types of stiffners installed in it etc
    Please provide me required information so that i can proceed on my project

    • Muhammad Abduh says:

      hi Usman, you can check the material from OMAE link or similar, sorry if it doesn’t help you much. thanks for your feedback

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